Event FAQs

Frequently asked questions about events at The Walled Garden

Can I host a daytime event at The Walled Garden?

The Walled Garden is available to hire for a range of daytime events, with access times agreed on when you book to make sure your requirements are met. Our day event hire covers the rental of the marquee on its own patio, with garden, WCs and parking.

Can I host an event on a weekday?

Yes we are happy to take enquiries for weekdays and weekday evenings.

Can I bring along audio-visual equipment?

We require that clients notify us ahead of time when they intend to bring electrical equipment on site. Permission will be approved. We can take no responsibility for electrical failures as a result of unauthorised or untested equipment. Be aware that it is not possible to black out the marquee.

Can I arrange to hold my 16th/ 18th/ 21st Party at The Walled Garden?

At The Walled Garden, we prefer to focus on hosting weddings, corporate events and more mature family get-togethers. For younger party-goers however, Stubbers Adventure Centre is a fantastic venue to let your hair down with a variety of motorsport, water sport and land-based adventure activities like target shooting and Laser Tag - www.stubbers.co.uk. Our party packages also include venue and food.

Can I bring my own decorations to dress the marquee?

We love it when guests choose to personalise the venue, but we do ask that nothing is taped, glued or tied to the marquee canvas, windows or poles. The Venue Manager will be able to advise you on how decorations can be installed inside the marquee.

Do you provide catering?

We work closely with an excellent catering company who will provide food and staff to match your requirements of menu and budget.

Do my guests have to pay for drinks?

Guests can pay over the bar by cash or card, or drinks can be charged to a host’s card. If the host is buying, we can cap the bar bill at a certain sum or specify that only certain drinks are available on the tab – it’s up to you.

Is the event entirely contained within The Walled Garden?

Everything your guests will need during your event is hosted within The Walled Garden, but there’s no reason why they can’t stretch their legs in the surrounding grounds. We simply ask that guests are polite, behave appropriately and that children are closely supervised. Furthermore, due to licensing and health and safety reasons, no drinks are to be taken out of the garden.

Can I book the venue for corporate event on a weekday?

The Walled Garden is ideal for corporate gatherings and team-building away days during the week. However, as a general rule, we like to keep the venue clear on Friday so wedding parties have plenty of time to dress the venue for their big day. Speak to our corporate team for help arranging The Walled Garden for a date and time to suit you – 01708 224 753.

Can I have a band or a DJ?

Yes, if you have a band or DJ in mind, let us know and we can advise them on the venue, electrics, decibel limits and timings. Alternatively, we can recommend acts that have performed here in the past -- details are on our ‘Contact Us’ page. In addition, we provide a small PA and cordless microphone that are ideal for speeches and quiet background music, playable from an iPod or similar device.

Can my contractors and I get nearby to access The Walled Garden for loading in and packing down?

There is access parking available to up to 6 cars adjacent to the entrance to The Walled Garden. There is a separate entrance for contractors.

Will there be parking for my guests?

Your guests are able to use our main car park, and we will a deploy a parking marshal to aid your guests as they arrive and depart.

Is The Walled Garden wheelchair-accessible?

We have a small number of allocated access parking spaces immediately adjacent to the garden. The main guest entrance is too narrow for wheelchairs and push chairs, but our stewards will assist wheelchair users to a second access-friendly entrance. We regret that due to the age of The Walled Garden and its listed status, the venue toilets are quite hard for wheelchairs to access. Again our stewards will assist wheelchair users to other access friendly facilities a short way from the venue.

What if there is bad weather?

On the rare occasions there is a cold spell we can deploy vintage-style gas heaters to be positioned around the marquee, keeping your guests cosy and comfortable. A number of our 6m gazebos also have radiant heaters. If rain threatens your event, our stewards will have umbrellas and festival footwear to hand, keeping your guests dry as they move from shelter to shelter.

Can I set off fireworks?

You are welcome to set off fireworks to celebrate your event provided they are safe and you are finished by 11pm to comply with statutory noise regulations. Firework displays will need a detailed risk assessment and 3rd party liability insurance, so are best handled by a professional provider. We can recommend a fantastic display company who have already carried out the necessary risk assessments to operate at our venue.

I represent an Events Planner. Can we work together, and can I add you to my roster of venues?

If you would like to discuss a specific event or an ongoing arrangement involving The Walled Garden, please get in touch with our Venue Manager on 01708 224 753 or email us at [email protected]

Outstanding Events

The delightful landscape of The Walled Garden can also play host a range of family and corporate events. Choose this stunning setting for your next get-together.